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The Extended DISC™ HR Profiling Tool is a Self-Awareness Tool for understanding and developing the individual.

This tool is based on a psychological theory developed by Carl Jung in the 1920’s. It was developed further into a 4-dimensional map we know today as D, I, S & C. It is a highly validated system with over 88% accuracy across hundreds of thousands of profiles worldwide.

eDISC™ Profiling is a behaviour profiling tool that describes how you are naturally predisposed to behave both in business and in life. It can highlight your innate strengths; identify how you prefer to be motivated, and identify areas of untapped potential and growth.

In a team dynamic, it can be used to amplify areas of potential and highlight improvement areas within individuals and the business to grow and expand and achieve more connectedness and productivity.

Using eDISC™ gives us a greater understanding of our natural responses and it allows us to:

  • Understand how we naturally like to behave or respond in certain situations;
  • Understand why we are drawn to some people and not others;
  • Identify our strengths and challenges.
  • Understand how to create more fulfilment and meaning in our everyday lives.
  • Identify areas of growth or potential unrealised for our business.
  • Effectively communicate to ensure our messages are being heard in the way it is intended.
  • Gain access to more positive emotional states by behaving in a more natural way.
  • Understand and gain clarity on building teamwork and connectedness with our peers.

The eDISC™ assessment and framework is a fantastic self-awareness tool for knowing ourselves and how to relate effectively to our team members, our peers, and others in our life. With this understanding, leaders can create higher performance, engagement, and fulfilment across the organisation.

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