Kristen Russell, Awarded ICG’s 2021 International Coach of the Year

The Art of Inspiration.

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Inspirational leaders can be defined as being authentic, wise and passionate with high levels of self-awareness and resilience. They have a strong sense of who they are and what they stand for and are capable of doing. They radiate certainty and confidence in their team environment. They have high levels of self-awareness and have done the work and grown individually to earn the skills of inspiration. Inspirational leaders are not born, they are made, and we truly can expand upon our unique qualities to lead with inspiration.

Leaders with these inspirational characteristics are the most important leaders of any organization as they drive passion, values and purpose. They know personally what they value and are living their own personal values. They are aware of the business values and are dedicated to bringing them to life.

Inspirational leaders lead with the business values being non-negotiable. Because of this, teams admire and look up to their leadership and know-how to perform and how to succeed. They feel optimistic, in control and in sync, like they are all rowing in the same direction. Can you imagine a rowboat where some members were rowing the opposite way? The boat would stay stagnant, and therefore so would the business, the culture and the team performance. Valuing collaboration, are extremely important and are almost always present in high performing organizations and businesses.

Self-Awareness is the building block to inspiring leadership.

Our first step in the journey to becoming inspirational is how well we know ourselves. Self-Awareness begins with you understanding you. Your strengths, your challenges and your opportunities and overcoming these challenges, working through our stuff and maximizing our innate potential within.

You must inspire you and begin the journey.

The journey of inspiration involves you becoming inspirational to you. You must be the leader you want others to be. Lead and light the way. You must act as if you already are and model how you want others to be……..


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