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Masterclass with Kristen Russell

Only 20 Spots Available!
Application Process for the best-fit individuals.


Are you somebody that feels the constant pull in different directions and feels that they constantly have to BE more and HAVE more?
Feeling like you are just going through the motions of life feeling disconnected from your partner, your children or the people in your life?

Trying hard to get SOMEWHERE, yet you don’t know where?


Constantly JUDGING yourself, OVERTHINKING your past failures and feel like for some reason that everyone can do it but you just cannot seem to break through?

Feel like you are living life without being acknowledged, loved and accepted.


I know how you feel…. Ive been you…

What I discovered on my journey is that it is extremely common when we are disconnected from our heart, who we are and what we truly want in life … .

I constantly followed what I thought I should do in life instead of what my heart was screaming at me to do telling me. I ignored the whisper that my heart was sharing that was in line with my truth and my true power. I had to completely hit rock bottom in my life before I took action to begin to live life in line with who I was.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did……

I am so deeply passionate about transforming lives and connecting them back to who they truly are, to finally end the continuous quest for purpose and meaning and living a life not in alignment, and to start thriving in life.
I truly believe this is my purpose.

Only 20 Spots Available!

Application Process for the best-fit individuals.

The journey I have taken to discover my true nature and purpose with Kristen is life changing.

I have been searching for more in my life. Wanting to experience more joy and to live in aligment with my true self. To live with passion and purpose and allow my creativity to flow.

Kristen has supported me as I tap into who I truly am. Holding space for me as I move through old programing and limiting beliefs. With Kristen l know all of me is welcome, she will always meet me where I am at and never buy into my limitations.

Guiding me with her wisdom and love to see that the life I would love to create is possible.

I highly recommend working with Kristen it is definitely one of the greatest gifts I have received in my life


Director, AJ Coching


For years I was always looking for something. Yet had no idea what.

I had a level of success already, yet somehow it felt empty. I was always searching for more and when I lost my husband to cancer and became widowed at age 30 with 2 kids under 6 those feelings were amplified even more in me. I was still looking for more. I just couldn’t put my finger on what.

I would think about my purpose and why I couldnt be happy with everything I already had,
I had a level of success already, yet it felt empty. My continual search for what was missing really affected my relationships with my new husband and my kids.
I longed for something yet could never put my finger on what.

When I discovered what that was, my life completely transformed.

Leading, coaching, and mentoring thousands of leaders, individuals, and other coaches worldwide to connect to themselves more deeply, access their deeper meaning and their missing piece is my purpose.

If you are resonating with this and I’m speaking to your soul
I would love to invite you to my masterclass.

This masterclass class is for 20 business owners who are ready to embrace truly reconnecting with themselves, leading with their heart not their head, being authentically unapologetically themselves to have deeper meaning and fulfillment in their lives.


Let go of self judgment and feeling like an imposter in your life.


Reconnect to your true self, let go of living life for someone else and be authentically you.


Reconnect to your heart and create life in alignment of what your heart desires.


Turn inwards, move through fears and create peace and a more loving version of yourself.

Only 20 Spots Available!
Application Process for the best-fit individuals.

Kristen has opened my eyes to the benefits of truly understanding the dynamics of myself, my team and our strengths. Through her coaching, I have become so much more confident, and a better leader to my team, and as a result productivity has increased across our business.

Working with Kristen is an investment in yourself and your business, and I highly recommend Kristen to all business owners.

Di LÉstrange

Managing Partner, Kennedy & Cooke Lawyers



You are doing ok in life, you have an interest in spirituality and are looking to have more profound meaning and purpose and be connected to something much greater than yourself.


Heal the relationship with yourself and stop feeling like an imposter in your life, heal your relationship with others so you feel like you’re not alone in the world, and uncover and live your life from your true authentic self.


You’re a human that is on a journey of self discovery and ready to embark on living a life that is in alignment with creating more peace, calm and contentness in your life. You are ready to move beyond the materialistic world and into the world within you.






Only 20 Spots Available!
Application Process for the best-fit individuals.





Awarded International Coach of the Year in 2021, Kristen with her Executive Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Mentoring company Kris Mind Dynamics, set out with executives and leaders across high-profile organizations – From the Department of Defence, NSW Health to Universal Supply Holdings – to drastically shift and increase a relationship with our internal compass and purpose, reconnect with ourselves and create a business and life that we are truly aligned with and love.

Kristen is deeply passionate in coaching and mentoring others to embrace their next level of growth and connecting to their why and within themselves in business and life. She believes accessing our true soul and purpose, developing a relationship internally, and overcoming our sabotage patterns is the gateway to creating the impact and legacy we truly desire. Her work with developing the whole self, physically, emotionally and spiritually really allows individuals to be the highest expression of themselves, connect to others more deeply, and able to influence and impact on an even greater scale.

Kristen is a Certified Professional Practitioner of Coaching, a Level 3 Meta Dynamics Coach & Facilitator, Level 2 eDISC Behavioural Profiler, Certified Emotional Intimacy Coach, Member of International Coaching Guild. A Mentor, Trainer & Facilitator for other other emotional intelligence and leadership coaching students at Australia’s Number 1 Coaching School “The International Coaching Institute”.

Only 20 Spots Available!

Application Process for the best-fit individuals.


As with any worthwhile pursuit, you get out what you put in. These leaders have leveraged our coaching and strategies to empower, inspire, lead as inspirational, influential and emotionally intelligent leaders.

We now have systems that enable us to be more confident in our business and how we manage things.
My confidence in managing my team has increased and I also have confidence my team can work through issues and get the job completed without always needing me to solve the issues!

Tim Webster

Director, Tim Webster Building

Before engaging with Kris Mind Dynamics I had no experience in dealing with my emotions and in no way believed I was emotionally intelligent. This has certainly helped with working through my thoughts, emotions and be able to turn these into real leadership skills. I am now able to communicate in a more connected way with the people I lead as well as my family and in personal relationships.

Through coaching with Kristen, I have a better understanding of me and how to work best with my team without thoughts or emotions getting in the way. This has improved my leadership dramatically. I would strongly recommend all business owners undertaking coaching with Kristen. It’s an investment in not only yourself but your teams future. The skill set you will learn will help you both personally and professionally.

Jacinta Crowell

Business Owner

Working with Kristen has been a very eye-opening experience. She has helped me to understand the ‘why’ of my thought processes and has helped to steer the business with direction and meaning. Though we have only scratched the surface, my mind is now open to the possibilities of what can be achieved and more importantly, a structure on how to achieve it. I would recommend Kristen to anyone looking for guidance in driving your business to achieve the goals you set for it.

Warren Sanders

Sanders Construction Projects

Within a few weeks working with Kristen, I did the biggest revenue month I’ve ever had in my business since starting in 2012!! It opened the door to so many opportunities in my life. I’ve learned to trust myself and my abilities. I am so much more confident and certain in myself and know I can handle the tough stuff. Anyone thinking of working with Kristen, she is tops and really knows her stuff.

Brett Taylor

Director, Brett Taylor + Associates

I was stunned that in my first session, Kristen was able to quickly identify what was contributing to these feelings. And she helped me identify my fears around decision making and change.

She helped me to overcome fears and insecurities, grow in confidence, and feel motivated to make some achievable changes.
What you will get from your time with Kristen is someone who “cuts to the chase”, knows the right questions to ask, who is discerning and motivating. Her energy is contagious.

I am grateful for her skills and insight that have helped equip me to face the future with clearer insight and more confidence.

Annie Fanning

Manager and Team Leader, NSW Health

I am truly blessed our paths have crossed. Thank you so much for offering me such a wonderful, caring service. Coaching with you has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It is not often, that you can sit down and get completely present with yourself, and have someone be there to listen to everything your thinking and feeling. You’re such a great coach and I deeply value the time we’ve spent together. I wouldn’t have this much courage to push forward without your help.You have helped me to have more trust in myself. I now see in myself a more confident woman, which has had a positive impact on personal relationships. I highly recommend your services to everyone. Again thank you for everything Kristen.
Much Love.


Kristen, thank you!!

It’s what you don’t know……. that you think you know…….. that you need to know……..and then to do what you don’t want to do……… that you know that you must do……. to be where you want to be.


Director, Oz Combined Realty

We are making more revenue working 7.5 hour days compared to when we were working 15!! I no longer micro-manage, and my team are actually happy to come to work.

I always made it about what I wanted and always had a feeling that I wasn’t good enough to lead a team. Now I know I am, and our business is exploding.

Paul Meyong

Managing Director, Universal Supply Holdings

Before I began coaching with Kristen I had lost my confidence as a leader after coming back from maternity leave. I would always second guess myself when decision-making and would double, triple and quadruple check everything as I felt guilty and scared to make a mistake and let someone down.

Kristen helped me to identify and build the skills I required to work towards trusting myself as a leader and subject matter expert in my area of expertise. In turn, this helped me gain the confidence I needed in my role and in the answers/decisions. Kristen made me aware of my inner being and helped me listen and pay attention to my inner self which really helped me to build trust and confidence.

Since completing the coaching, I now feel more connected to myself.

I feel more confident in decision-making at work and have also become ok with not knowing all the answers or feel that I am expected to know everything. A lot of what Kristen spoke about really resonated with me.

I would highly recommend investing in coaching for anyone who is looking to improve and build on their inner self and relationships with others. Kristen’s coaching is extremely effective in giving you that boost you need in yourself, with your career and your relationships with others.

Alana Tropicano

Facilities Manager, Rockbuild Group

I engaged Kristen to help with the direction of our business and to grow my leadership skills.

Kristen’s coaching has allowed me to be more confident in my decisions and understanding of what my team needs and the role I have to be a great leader in their development.

I really struggled with the confidence in the way I was leading and doubted my words, but with Kristen’s coaching, my confidence has grown dramatically.

Kristen’s big heart, professionalism and way of making me understand things in a different way helped me work through the challenging spots in our business.

If anyone is considering engaging with Kristen for business or personal coaching, I highly recommend that you do it. She has outstanding professional advice and is kind and caring as well. You will not regret your decision for a second.

Stacey Hobbs

Business Owner, C&S TREE SERVICES, NSW

Kristen Russell from Kris Mind Dynamics and I have been working together to improve my mental fitness, low self-esteem, and me doubting myself. I have found Kristen to be a very kind, compassionate, and understanding person who listens to my needs, wants, and aspirations without any judgment. My low self-esteem was starting to affect my marriage. After just 6 sessions my focus has been turned from doubting myself to now knowing I can achieve anything I want to and my marriage has improved dramatically. Thank you so much for all your help, it’s been a life-changing experience.

Bill Luster

Kristen has helped me to better understand myself and my colleagues from an emotional awareness perspective. Resulting in better decision making, more productive dialogue and ultimately an environment more susceptible to growth and fulfilment. Having recently made a major career decision to move industries, Kristen’s support and proactive approach to leadership assisted me in smoothly transitioning to the new role and immediately performing at a higher level than I considered possible for myself.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Kristen to anyone looking to better themselves from a personal or career perspective.

Connor Brodie

Project Manager, CSIRO NSW

What was the initial problem for you prior to working with Kristen? I first started working with Kristen because I was experiencing a lack of clarity and uncertainty in myself and my business.

Kristen’s coaching really allowed me to get clear and calm on how to move toward my goals.

I was really surprised at the way she highlighted and helped me understand what a difference minor perspective and communication shifts can make.

I just have one thing to say for anyone wanting to work with Kristen…. If you are open-minded and really want to get clear on what you want and how to get there. Kristen will show you the way.

Dave Flemons

Director, Climax Air Conditioning

I am so privileged that I got the opportunity to work with Kristen. I was dealing with a lot of self-doubts, and emotional blockages.

I was really struggling to think clearly and felt stuck with my direction and purpose in my life and business.

Since working with Kristen, I have so much clarity and have let go of things I have held onto for years!! I wish I found her ages ago!

Sally Brown

Co-owner, Great Northern Lodge

I felt isolated, like I was sitting out on this little island. I had no-one to get things off my chest to. And I just knew I needed help. I needed someone I could relate to, and maybe even trust.

Pre Kristen, I’d rarely take direction on howto do my job, and hardly ever asked for help. She pointed out that great leaders can’t do everything on their own, that asking for help is vital to success. I can see now that being stubborn and insisting on doing things my way was counterproductive to success – and to being a great leader
Before working with Kristen, I let my age and my background affect my relationship with the Board. Now I’m able to value my influence over RockBuild’s success, and better understand how to see the world from someone else’s perspective, I’m far more confident in how I communicate with the Board.

The workplace is almost recognisable! In a good way!
I used to hate weekends, spending every minute fearing what problems I’d be faced with on Monday. Now, because I have trust in my staff, I don’t destroy my weekends by worrying. Instead, I honestly love them. I suck at golf at golf, but that doesn’t stop me getting up at 5.30am in the middle of freezing winter, because I just love it. I never did that before. I also look forward to just spending time with my wife, relaxing and unwinding – little things I used to take for granted because I was consumed by anxiety.

I feel fortunate to have found Kristen when I did. Without her helping me become more self-aware, manage my emotions, and grow my confidence, I don’t know if I’d be where I am right now. It’s likely my role would have become too much for me.

I’ve gone from doubting my ability to do my role, to being a leader who has influenced our transformation into a truly amazing workplace.

Danny Azar

GM, Rockbuild Group Australia

Kristen blew me away with how well she was able to help me understand what my strengths and thinking patterns are in a way that was non-judgemental, caring and easy to understand. I felt comfortable with her the entire time. She may even know me better than I know myself! I completely recommend her coaching if you are looking to grow your skills and understand of yourself and what your natural genius is.

Sally Latham

Savvy Sally

Before I started coaching with Kristen I was lost and anxious about whether I wanted to continue with my business. I knew that I wanted to retire in 12 months and I was uncertain about the steps to make that happen. Kristen helped me to prepare for the next stage of my life and the challenges and uncertainty of letting go of a job I had done for 35 years, after coaching with Kristen I realized that I needed to stop saying yes to work I didn’t want to do anymore and increase my prices and start valuing the work I was doing. Kristen helped me overcome my doubt about myself and this next phase of life. I’ve recently retired and life could not be better!!

Grant Brodie

GEB Dentist

Before coaching with Kristen I would say I had a good understanding of our staff, however I knew that there was always more understanding I could develop. After coaching with Kristen and can say I am a better manager and I have a much clearer understanding of our staff and their strengths and weaknesses and how to motivate them, they do a great job it was more to build upon an even better culture to achieve our goals and mission for our business. Kristen has undoubtably helped me develop some great skills to make me a better leader.

Dylan Jorgenson

Director, IJED Electrical, NSW

Before I started with Kris Mind Dynamics, I was feeling like I was always sacrificing my family especially my for my role as a leader of financial firm. My leadership style was being hinders by other peoples views of leadership and not what I thought was best. As I felt out of control my perfectionist traits and my people pleasing traits meant that I was sacrificing myself to be liked.

Once I experienced coaching with Kristen, I started to notice that I could set boundaries and be happy with the type of mother I was and type of leader I was trying to be. I could see that my authentic self was someone I wanted to be.

It also reiterated why I naturally connect with some people and not others, and learnt strategies to work with people I am not naturally comfortable with. I fully understand above and below the line leaders.

My leadership style has become more natural.

My guilt associated with being a bad mum due to choosing my role as a director over a mum has eased and I have started to see that you can do both, you just need clear boundaries.

Be present in the moment each role I play is the most important part. It is also good to be childlike at time 12. Being authentic is a leadership trait I wish to have, even if that leaves me vulnerable because ultimately my purpose is to help people.

Since completing the coaching I now feel like I can tackle areas of our business such as the big picture and areas around Structure, even though it is not my natural style, I am more willing to give it a go.


Director, Financial Dynamics

Before I started with Kris Mind Dynamics I was feeling like life was confusing, my leadership had hit a snag and my business had lost direction. Once I experienced coaching with Kristen I stated to notice that I could could actually let go and support others instead of feeling it was all on my shoulders. This has helped my leadership and business as as I learnt to help empower others it has freed up time to focus on the things I need to focus on to grow. Since completing coaching I now feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders which has allowed me to have a clearer focus on the goals within my business and I feel I am a much more empowering leader professionally and personally. I can’t recommend Kristen highly enough. Though our coaching sessions I found Kristen had a real knack to get past the surface challenge I though I and bring out the deeper real challenge I was having and from every coaching session I came away with clarity, a solution and a plan of action. Thank you Kristen, forever grateful.

Scott Keating

Director, Windscreen Savers

Only 20 Spots Available!
Application Process for the best-fit individuals.


This opportunity will only be open for 20 business owners who are ready to commit and create the change they desire, to let go of the fear of not being enough and holding themselves back, and truly have the freedom, growth, and flow they seek.

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Only 20 Spots Available!
Application Process for the best-fit individuals.

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