9 August 2021
How To Live A Life Of Meaning?
by admin_kmd
Coaching Executive High Performance Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

It’s the age-old question, hey…, Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? How do we land at the place where we feel like we have “arrived”?

Now, this is based upon my own personal experience and those of my clients. I recognise some may not have the same view and that’s ok, it’s different for everyone!. Creating more meaning in our lives comes from living and being our best selves, living true to our values and our ability to not make it about ourselves but to make it about others. Meaning actually comes from the ability to grow and make it about someone else, at least in my world and that of my clients,
Sometimes it’s not always about the money, sometimes it’s about bringing out our untapped potential inside to bring out others untapped potential, sometimes it’s not actually about being successful and sometimes it is. All of these are ok.
For me, it’s about growing ourselves continually and seeing the bigger intention and purpose. I had all the money and stuff I ever wanted yet was absolutely miserable inside, it is being in a place where you ask, “what’s next” and being able to expand ourselves into new areas. It’s not about having stuff, yet it’s about the ability to feel fulfilled and appreciate the small things in life.

To me, a life of meaning is an appreciation of growth, love, gratitude, and compassion. It is our ability to give back and make a difference in other peoples lives, whether it be in your business, your team members or for others in your life. I absolutely light up when I see others grow. I know deeply I am living my purpose.

Living a life of meaning can be bringing together your team towards a mission that is bigger than just making money (or it may be that for a bigger impact) and living our values wholeheartedly with our hearts on our sleeves. It could be about inspiring the business to grow to another level because it will give the team members something individually.
I invite you to think about what you truly desire and doing one small step to take you there.

To me, life is about giving, giving and giving, not getting and having a mindset of abundance without disrespecting ourselves and our own boundaries. It is knowing ourselves profoundly and understanding truly what lights us up and doing more of those things.

Here is to your meaningful life x

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