31 May 2021
Emotional Intelligent Leaders have a growth mindset.
by admin_kmd
Coaching Executive High Performance Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally intelligent teams are built upon the foundations of a growth mindset. Leaders with a growth mindset look at challenges and learn from them and create a bank of self-trust along the journey. Leaders and team members with a growth mindset have high levels of confidence as they believe in themselves and have a healthy relationship with failure. In fact, they welcome it and see it as a must.

Leaders with a growth mindset believe:

  • Skills can be developed through persistence, strategies and learning from others.
  • Effort and giving it a go are a journey to working it out
  • Mistakes are normal and totally ok
  • See mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Embrace challenges and the journey itself

Growth mindset builds confidence and certainty in the way we lead. When we let go of the need to know all the details and have all our ducks lined up in a row, we realise that it is ok not to know all the answers. We will never know everything (there is always more to learn, always, every day, forever!). Our job is just to keep showing up with persistence and passion for continuing to learn and grow.

At Kris Mind Dynamics, we celebrate mistakes (yes, weird, right!), we believe it’s how we learn, and we have created a safe place for leaders to feel they are perfect just the way they are. We believe everyone has the ability to lead and we expand and build upon the skills the leader has and look at areas of potential. At Kris Mind Dynamics, we value growth so much it is our number one business value!

When it comes to our own growth and developing a growth mindset, it first begins with awareness, and we must recognise where we need to grow. When we need to work on this mindset, our inner critic can be loud and judge our actions when we fail, make mistakes or make us feel like we are an imposter. Because of this, we hold ourselves back from things as we fear getting them wrong.

Emotionally intelligent leaders believe in themselves, are confident and resilient and are likened to a ship sailing smoothly in rough waters.

When we have developed the skills of a growth mindset, we realise we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. We set ourselves free from the chains of self-judgement and feel connected to a much bigger purpose of life-long learning. Life is forever changing, and we are forever growing.

Why not grow with it.

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