BreathE Your Way Home

Unlock the Transformational Power of Sacred Conscious Connected Breathwork

Join us for a journey within to release stress & anxiety, increase your energy levels, heal your wounds, and reclaim your power. In a safe, supportive environment, explore the holistic, therapeutic practice of Sacred Breathwork, designed to help you connect deeply with your health & vitality and become your true self.


Mon 22nd Jul 2024 and/or

Sun 4th August 2024

(Mon) 9:00 am – 12:00 pm AEST

(Sun )12:00pm – 3:00pm AEST

Be Here Nowra, 1/62 North St, Nowra NSW 2541, Australia

First session $150+GST, Subsequent sessions $119+GST

A Deep Dive into Sacred Breathwork

Backed by science and trauma-informed, “Breathe Your Way Home” offers a transformative health and wellness experience through Sacred Breathwork. 

This holistic approach facilitates the release of stress and anxiety, increases energy throughout your body, and promotes deep somatic unwinding. The sacred breath method allows you to reconnect with your most authentic self, become empowered, and bring life and vitality back into your life through the life force of breath. Beyond healing and health benefits, this conscious connected breath opens the door to higher states of consciousness to truly unbound your stuck patterns and break you free from the limiting beliefs holding you back in life.

 Join a community of kindred spirits and embark on a journey of health, self-discovery, and spiritual connection.

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Currently I have been diving deep into my self-awareness journey. Everyday I become more aware of myself and as my awareness expands I grow! The turning point was after my first coaching session with Kristen. Being validated and acknowledged for my experience. Being seen and supported gave me the confidence and desire to journey on a path I had not yet taken. Being told that I wasn’t broken in the way that I felt I was a massive turning point! I’ve learned to experience my emotions fully and take responsibility for myself and the choices I make. Ive now changed the way I see myself and the world. If you are thinking about this… Seriously, Do it! Go for it! Be courageous! Know that you are worth it! It is the most amazing journey of self discovery. The support love and acceptance I have experienced is life changing. It will be the best investment that you will ever make. Invest in yourself today!
Director, AJ Coching

Is This For You?

Health & Wellness lovers

Individuals looking to release stress and improve health & vitality.

Seekers of Personal Growth

Individuals looking to heal and uncover deeper parts of themselves.

Spiritual Explorers

Those wanting to achieve higher states of consciousness and spiritual connection.

Community Seekers

People feeling isolated in their transformation journey, seeking support and connection.
Before I started with Kris Mind Dynamics, I was feeling like I was always sacrificing my family especially my for my role as a leader of financial firm. My leadership style was being hinders by other peoples views of leadership and not what I thought was best. As I felt out of control my perfectionist traits and my people pleasing traits meant that I was sacrificing myself to be liked. Once I experienced coaching with Kristen, I started to notice that I could set boundaries and be happy with the type of mother I was and type of leader I was trying to be. I could see that my authentic self was someone I wanted to be. It also reiterated why I naturally connect with some people and not others, and learnt strategies to work with people I am not naturally comfortable with. I fully understand above and below the line leaders. My leadership style has become more natural. My guilt associated with being a bad mum due to choosing my role as a director over a mum has eased and I have started to see that you can do both, you just need clear boundaries. Be present in the moment each role I play is the most important part. It is also good to be childlike at time 12. Being authentic is a leadership trait I wish to have, even if that leaves me vulnerable because ultimately my purpose is to help people. Since completing the coaching I now feel like I can tackle areas of our business such as the big picture and areas around Structure, even though it is not my natural style, I am more willing to give it a go.
Director, Financial Dynamics

What You Will Take Away

Release stuck stress and energy from your body to improve and create deep sleep.

Re-energize and rejuvenate your body with the energy and life force of oxygen.

Discover and heal lost parts of yourself in a supportive environment.

Regain control and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Open the door to deeper spiritual experiences.

Release limiting patterns and beliefs holding you back.

Find solace and community with kindred spirits on similar paths.

Experience a comprehensive approach to mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Join us and breathe life back into your personal power, embracing the awakening journey to your true self.


Certificates & Accreditations

meet kristen

Kristen Russell is a certified award winning online transformational coach and mentor. She is the Founder of Kris Mind Dynamics, a global coaching and mentoring company that has launched into the online space in 2019.

Awarded International Coach of the Year 2021, Kristen Russell is a Transformational Coach whose mission is to Heal & Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity to transform and create a new world.

After transforming her own life after major loss and building a multiple six figure business within 18 months, Kristen invites all individuals to heal, awaken potential, and connect with their true purpose to bring the ultimate fulfillment into their life. 

Her 360 degree approach to innate expansive inner growth has left many deeply enlightened, transformed in all areas of life and many more alive and magnetized with limitless possibility.

Many clients working with the Kris Mind Dynamics Brand have revolutionised their entire business, career and life.

Beyond the business, Kristen Russell is an incredible woman who loves her sassy-ness, queen energy, big heart and belief in the goodness of humans and the ability to achieve anything we choose. She has an innate desire never to give up, a resilience that runs deep into her core and a desire to create a new world.

A multi-passionate woman at heart, she deeply embodies her teachings of spirituality, emotional intelligence, world-class communication and relationships, feminine leadership, wealth energetics, rejuvenated belief systems, deep confidence, and inner trust.

Kristen walks alongside her clients who grow soul and heart centred businesses of all sizes celebrating every moment of success, their sovereignty, their freedom and the deep reconnection of who they truly are.

It isn’t possible to capture this woman in a short biography, her passion and energy for creating a new world is captured in deep embodied wisdom, reverence and gratitude for each moment she breathes.


Let Our Clients Do The Talking

I am truly blessed our paths have crossed. Thank you so much for offering me such a wonderful, caring service. Coaching with you has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It is not often, that you can sit down and get completely present with yourself, and have someone be there to listen to everything your thinking and feeling. You’re such a great coach and I deeply value the time we’ve spent together. I wouldn’t have this much courage to push forward without your help.You have helped me to have more trust in myself. I now see in myself a more confident woman, which has had a positive impact on personal relationships. I highly recommend your services to everyone. Again thank you for everything Kristen. Much Love.
So many of us have experienced breakthroughs after breakthroughs. I love the energy Kristen brings with her. It's an angelic, powerful, ferocious, beautiful role and energy. I highly recommend connecting with Kristen; she is definitely a woman in her power and leading those of us who are looking for a leader, not only outside of ourselves but within ourselves. She models through leadership. Thank you, Kristen, for the opportunity to be a part of this community. Much love.
I am so privileged that I got the opportunity to work with Kristen. I was dealing with a lot of self-doubts, and emotional blockages. I was really struggling to think clearly and felt stuck with my direction and purpose in my life and business. Since working with Kristen, I have so much clarity and have let go of things I have held onto for years!! I wish I found her ages ago!
Sally Brown
Co-owner, Great Northern Lodge
Wow, just wow. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work 1:1 with Kristen. In just a short amount of time, I have been able to release what I have been trying to resolve for many years that was keeping me stuck and sabotaging my business, my relationships and my ability to grow financially. Kristen's unique coaching style has allowed me to feel even more confident in myself and reclaim my inner strength and power to create shifts in my life I never thought were possible. Her work is incredibly mind-blowing and transformational. Kristen has set me on an entirely different path that I am incredibly grateful for. Its been one of the best decision of my life working with Kristen.
Creating Space
I was stunned that in my first session, Kristen was able to quickly identify what was contributing to these feelings. And she helped me identify my fears around decision making and change. She helped me to overcome fears and insecurities, grow in confidence, and feel motivated to make some achievable changes. What you will get from your time with Kristen is someone who “cuts to the chase”, knows the right questions to ask, who is discerning and motivating. Her energy is contagious. I am grateful for her skills and insight that have helped equip me to face the future with clearer insight and more confidence.
Annie Fanning
Manager and Team Leader, NSW Health
Phenomenal!! I absolutely loved the depth and honesty Kristen brought; really enjoyed the structure, and I felt a total connection. It has helped me incredibly, I've felt a lot of shifts in myself, and I have been able to shift my focus. The reason I've not made progress before is I have felt I have had accountability. This course has created incredible shifts within me, and I relate to Kristen’s way of teaching immensely.
Business Owner
From the first discovery call, I knew Kristen was the right coach for me, and in just a few weeks, she has already helped me shift my perspective on so many parts within me to create greater awareness around the chaos it had been causing in my day-to-day life. Just last week, she guided and held space for me, which led me to have a huge breakthrough around the belief system I had attached to my self-worth, which had been greatly affecting my self-esteem. I’m super grateful to have the opportunity to work with Kristen She really has been changing my life one session at a time, and I am excited for the sessions to come to see how much further we can go.
Kristen was a fantastic mentor and guide through the last 12 months we did together. In our sessions we dug deep and really worked through my layers and pin pointed area’s to work on The sessions were challenging and filled with growth. She was available for any extra guidance or quick questions I had between sessions for all the day to day challenges having a business holds Would recommend her to anyone looking to expand their mindfulness and work on themselves She helped me figure out where I wanted to focus my attention , becoming more assertive and a better leader. I know our paths will cross again in the future.

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